What is BitLocker?

2017-2-20, Posted by Jerry to BitLocker Data Recovery

BitLocker Drive Encryption is a full volume encryption feature that is available in some versions of Windows Vista and later operating system. It allows you to easily encrypt any volumes on your computer and restrict access with BitLocker password.

BitLocker encrypted volume


When you turn on BitLocker Drive Encryption on a volume, you will create a BitLocker password which you need to enter every time you access the volume. A BitLocker recovery key is also generated. You can use the recovery key to gain access to the volume if your forget your BitLocker password. After BitLocker is turned on, the data on the volume can not be read without a secret BitLocker password or recovery key, so BitLocker Drive Encryption can keep your data safe, even if your computer is lost, stolen or the hard drive is placed into a different computer.