How to recover a deleted or lost Bitlocker encrypted partition?

2017-5-21, Posted by Jerry to BitLocker Data Recovery

I had Windows 7 on my lap (with Ubuntu as dual boot). I encrypted a 120GB (drive E: ) partition with BitLocker. Recently, I reinstalled Ubuntu. After the Ubuntu Installation the Bitlocker encrypted partition was gone. Although I didn’t formatted the partition, now the 120GB partition is shown as unallocated space in disk management utilities. I think the Ubuntu installation messed up the partition table cos it couldn’t identify the Bitlocker encrypted partition. Can I recover my data in the lost Bitlocker encrypted partition?

Did you run into the similiar situation? Did you accidentally delete or lose the BitLocker encrypted partition on your drive? Wow, it must be hard to accept the data loss since a BitLocker encrypted drive was deleted or lost. Dont fret!! The lost or deleted BitLocker partition can be recovered using the professional BitLocker Data Recovery software Hasleo Data Recovery.

User Guide: How to recover data from deleted or lost BitLocker encrypted drive with Hasleo Data Recovery?

Step 1: Choose BitLocker Data Recovery

Download, install and run Hasleo Data Recovery. And you will see a screen with many options of recovery. Please select BitLocker Data Recovery mode.

select bitlocker data recovery mode


Step 2: Select the drive to Scan

1. Please select the hard drive where you accidentally delete or lose the BitLocker encrypted partition, then click "Scan" button to find all BitLocker encrypted partitions on the device.

select disk to scan bitlocker partition


2. Hasleo Data Recovery will list all found BitLocker encrypted partitions on the target device.

select bitlocker encrypted partition


3. After the deleted or lost Bitlocker encrypted partition is found, double click it, a pop-up window will appear asking you to enter the BitLocker password or BitLocker recovery key. Enter the password or recovery key and then click "OK" button, if the password or key matches, Hasleo Data Recovery will start scanning lost files.

enter bitlocker password


Step 3: Preview and Recover Deleted Files

There will be a list of files found by the software, you can preview found files by path and types. Select the files you want to recover and click "Recover" button to save them. If some files are not found, please click "Deep Scan" button to start the Deep Scan Recovery process, deep scan takes more time, but can find much more lost files

preview lost files


The above example shows you how easily to recover deleted or lost Bitlocker encrypted partition on your hard drive with Hasleo Data Recovery. Actually, it's a complete BitLocker data recovery solution that can also recover deleted or lost files from existing BitLocker encrypted partition. You can get back all your lost data, no matter it was deleted accidently, or damaged during run time. Highly recommended to anyone who takes serious in data protection.


Please note that:
1. Bitlocker metadata must be intact: Bitlocker metadata was used to store the password and 48-digits recovery key when encrypting the drive with Bitlocker. In some situations, Bitlocker metadata has been corrupted so that lost data cannot be recovered even if you have correct password or recovery key.
2. Have correct password or 48-digits recovery key: The password or 48-digits recovery key is used to decrypt data from Bitlocker encrypted drive after the password or 48-digits recovery key you enter matches the password or 48-digits recovery key stored in Bitlocker metadata.
3. Don't save the recovered files to the partition where your lost files originally located. This prevents your data from geting overwriten.